Ph(f)oto Friday: Kit Kat

By Cubie - May 20, 2016

Ignore the opened box ya...
A friend went to Japan and I am a happy beneficiary to some Kit Kat. So I opened the box for some chocolate goodness in no time, photo above were taken much later. :P

Friend has definitely learned well, he returned home from travel with food goodness. Haha.

Side note: Happy Friday again!

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  1. I just bought the exactly same Kit Kat on the left side - Hokkaido Red Bean :P
    Honestly to say everytime I visit Japan, besides Kit Kat, Pocky is another food goodness

    1. Pocky! Yum... my friend told me he bought some red bean pocky too and would bring some for me if he hasn't finish them yet! I've not seen them before, so hopefully there are some red bean Pocky for me :P

  2. I'm getting my stocks in 5 months' time :)

    1. Autumn! Awesome!
      My friend is travelling to Japan in July and will be going up Fuji-san. I'm in all sorts of jealousy!