Brickvention Australia 2016

By Cubie - May 08, 2016

This was only a two day event and was wayyy back in January. Tickets were not sold at entrance or at the venue, but available online. I missed this twice because by the time I found out about the event it was already too late. Being the good kiasu Asian, I decided to put a reminder on my phone calendar to remind myself when the ticket started on sale... so I was there at Brickvention Australia 2016.

This event was held at the Royal Exhibition Building, a very beautiful building and there is no way you can miss it.

Some flowers at the garden outside of the building

Inside of the building
To start off, a little history on Lego.

Photos were encouraged in this exhibition, so this is a very photo loaded post.

There were a lot of projects on displayed, some were by kids and some adult. I think there were also competition with age grouping as I could see some had a "1", "2" or "3" tag on their display description board. The general display area were divided in rows, the middle one usually are bigger project. One of my favourite was a project displayed in the middle row, it was a very big one with moving trains, buildings of different area.

There was a section on Melbourne CBD, specifically Little Collins Street and it was nostalgic to see the places I frequent and walked passed with friends.

The good old Irish Times
As you round the exhibit, there were bits of Japanese garden and big patch of garden/greenery.

I like it that details like these were included. Cute :P
For the life of me, I cannot quite identify the one of the bottom left. 
Then of course there were large "transportation" models - vessel, aeroplane and trucks.

These trucks were mobile, controlled by remote control. 
It was also a happy place for Star Wars fans...

If Star Wars don't rock your boat, heaps of cartoon characters to keep you happy too.

Err... Does Simpson count as cartoon character?
Or Avengers... or Harry Potter... or anime...even The Big Bang Theory. Lol.


 Ok, last one...

Even though the one in 2016 has passed, pretty sure it will return in 2017 and the tickets usually started to be on sale in October the year before... probably will be the same again ;)

Side note: Rainy day - best kind of day to do nothing and stay home!

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