Tokyo: Ikebukuro 池袋

By Cubie - March 17, 2015

The plan after reaching Tokyo was just to rest, eat and maybe shop. I even left my camera in the hostel. Ate we did a lot of that but nil in terms of shopping. We started eating random snacks even when we were in the shinkansen.

We started with Nikko Cheese Egg (チーズたまご). These seem to be popular among the souvenir food in Nikko. We were curious so we each got two to try. It's a bit like cheese cake but in the shape of an egg where the yolk is definitely the cheese-y bit.

By the time we walked out of Ikebukuro train station, we had already made two other purchases.

The first one - warabimochi (わらび餅). Warabimochi has got to be my favourite mochi. Warabimochi's texture is more jelly-like than usual mochi. It is made from bracken starch and covered in kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour).

As we walked passed the Kanesue kiosk in Ikebukuro station, I tapped Little P and asked if we can buy that. Yumm. For some strange reason I have the perception that warabimochi is more Kansai food maybe because I first had it in Kyoto. Anyhow I was pleasantly surprise to spot it in Tokyo. ^^

The other snack that we bought was this Ginza Maron (銀座 マロン). The main reason why it caught our eyes was because it contained chestnut. Japan - Autumn - chestnut. Grin. It was ok but warabimochi wins.

Just as we left JR Ikebukuro station and walked to hostel, we saw KFC on the way and some chicken nuggets were waving at us. I know KFC chicken nuggets are not exclusively sold in Japan but these little morsels were really pretty good.

Then it was time to go out to have a walk...and dinner. Told you there were no lacking of eating. We finally found a shabu-shabu place to compensate for the izakaya dinner in Shinjuku. It was also a randomly walking near the train station area and found one - Nabezo. We initially wanted a sushi dinner but the reasonable kaiten sushi place we found was so full that it had an hour waiting time.

We had the buffet style meal (a.k.a all you can eat) in a set time limit. It comes with two soup base, free flow of meat (choice of pork and beef) and vegetables.


After dinner it was back to hostel to pack before bed as our flight the next day was at noon time.

We somehow have accidentally caught the Narita Sky Access Skyliner at Nippori to Narita Airport. The initial ticket was purchased at the ticketing machine costing ¥1,240. Upon entering the gate, a train staff told us that all seats are reserved for Narita Sky Access Skyliner train and we were required to pay the additional ¥1,230 for seat fare. Total cost for this one way train fare added up to ¥2,470. Travel duration from Nippori to Narita Airport T2 only takes 36 minutes. Compared to the slower train we took on our way from Narita Airport to Tokyo, this is faster by 1/2 the time but also more expensive with cost about doubled the price.

So, I still think all the trains option to and fro airport is still way too confusing. :P

Side note: Ah... I want to go see some sand sculptures before it finishes for the year...

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  1. The first photo is so cute. Maybe because I love fukurou. I also found that the trains in Japan is so confusing until now. Wow, indeed you will never get hungry when in Japan. Overloaded with foods everywhere.

    1. They are adorable! Ya - I can't seem to get the naming convention correct especially when travel to & fro airport! :P