Japan: Itinerary for 7 days in Kanto Area during autumn

By Cubie - March 19, 2015

First trip to Tokyo in 2009, only 4 days (what was I thinking?)
Second trip to Honshu in 2011 for 18 days (that's better)
Third trip to Hokkaido in 2012 for 7 days (that's alright I suppose)
Fourth trip to Kanto area (current trip) for 7 days (can't complain especially considering my holidays in 2014 :P)
And breakdown of travel days and links to accommodation.

Day 1
 - Accommodation in Asakusa and breakfast in Yayoi-ken
 - Ghibli Museum and tea break at Straw Hat Cafe
 - Dinner at a random izakaya in Shinjuku

Day 2
 - Doraemon Museum
 - Lunch at Doraemon Museum's cafe
 - Ramen dinner at Mutekiya in Ikebukuro

Day 3
 - Walking around in Asakusa and visiting Senso-ji
 - Checking out Hayao Miyazaki's NI-TELE Really Big Clock in Shimbashi
 - Lunch in Ginza and pretending to study in University of Tokyo
 - Pre-dinner snacks and dinner in Harajuku, rushing to see the Really Big Clock again and finishing up in Akihabara

Day 4
 - Accommodation in Hakone
 - Sightseeing in Hakone

Day 5
 - Sightseeing in Hakone
 - Lunch at Hakone-Yumato and departing to Nikko

Day 6
 - Accommodation in Nikko
 - Superb meals in Tokanso
 - Shoyo-en twice a day
 - Paying respect to the founder of Tokugawa shogunate in Tosho-gu
 - A tranquil walk in Kanmangafuchi

Day 7
 - The sacred bridge - Shinkyo and Futarasan
 - Back to Tokyo (Ikebukuro)

Side note: Time for round 2 of lunch.. :P

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  1. Thanks for making my life easier. This is what I'm looking forward for every travelogue. Hahaha...
    Cubie, I still owning your small gifts. Sorry for the late. Rushing for account lately. Once I post it out to you, I let you know. Sorry sorry

    1. LOL - probably made my life easier too... i have got shocking tagging. :P
      Hey... not a worry at all! I'm not commenting for those gifts! ;)

  2. You've been to more places in Japan than I have! Lovely summary of your trips. I look at photos of Tokyo / Japan and think, wow, beautiful. Then I think, oh, but I live here! DUH. ^^

    1. No I definitely have not...especially since the information I got for most of the places above were from your blog posts! ...and yes, you live in Tokyo! ^^