Sydney: Part 1 - Grace Hotel

By Cubie - March 25, 2015

How have you been Sydney?
First trip of the 2015 was to Sydney for work actually. I started a new job and this was part of my orientation + training. The team assistant booked me in to Grace Hotel Sydney and I fly in on a Sunday evening, reaching Sydney at about 7 pm and out on Friday on a 5ish pm flight. So there wasn't much time for other things except work. Though I have managed to meet up some friends for dinner and use the swimming pool so I feel better indulging all the food.

This was my first time staying in Grace Hotel Sydney. It is what one would described as a boutique hotel as it is a heritage building. The location is strategic as it is just around the corner from Queen Victoria Building (QVB) though I must say it isn't cheap. With that price tag, I would have chose other hotels if I was to travel for pleasure. Since the company paid for it, I have no complains ;)

Oh, the Grace Hotel provides complimentary wi-fi but limited to 300 MB daily.

I tried to continue with my effort to move around in the swimming pool. They have a small pool but there was only one other person using it when I was there in the evening. The other time I was there was much later at night at about 8 pm and I was the only person using it. The pool closes at 9 pm.

This leads to the gym/swimming pool area

Side note: Coconut water infused with ginger, mint and mango is yummy!

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