Asakusa 浅草 and Ginza 銀座

By Cubie - November 23, 2012

Ha. Back in Tokyo, indicating those series of Hokkaido posts are coming to an end. We flew out of Hokkaido via Asahikawa Airport. We took a bus to the airport, 570 yen per person from bus stop number 5, opposite of the train station.

We took a noon-ish flight back to Tokyo but our flight from Tokyo to KL was late at night, which translated to we have some time to spare in Tokyo. We need to take a shuttle from plane to terminal. Saw this cute little boy in his little shirt and an iPhone lookalike toy, telling his mom, "飛行機、格好いい! (loosely translate as, "Aeroplane, cool!" Haha.

We touched down at Haneda Domestic Airport, and took the free shuttle to its International Terminal. We left our bags in the coin locker before heading out. I love those coin locker, KLCC should so have a coin locker or even a left baggage place. Anyway...

I took mom to Asakusa and it means that I found myself in Asakusa every single trip I made to this land of the rising sun. The Skytree is new though, it wasn't there the last 2 times :)

But not enough time to go to the Skytree... that is also getting into my ever growing list of places to go. Someone once said, its okay to always go back to the same place but make sure to include a new place you haven't been. It's easy with Tokyo, I still have heaps of places I haven't been.

Mom bought some souvenirs back, and I bought food. I was hungry but mom wasn't... so I guess I can't say I got the glutton-ness from mom... umm.. it has to be from someone in the family :P

Deep fried manju coated with black sesame
Mom prayed and drawn an omikuji... unfortunately it wasn't great so I told her to tie and leave it at the temple.

I was still hungry after a couple of deep fried manju... of course I didn't stop at just one. We had dinner at a nearby shop.

I had a kakiage soba... can do with one now.. slurpp..
So.. back to the new place in Tokyo this time...

Ginza. Haha.. it wasn't some off the beaten path place but somehow I have not been to Ginza previously.

I read that Ginza is one of the most expensive real estate in Japan. Yup... I brought mom to a shitamachi.. and then to an upmarket place. We were just walking around, no purchase made. In fact, we walked from Ginza to Shimbashi station. :P

So.. that was my long-winded version of a week's holidays to Hokkaido. :P Maybe I'll stretch it further with some post on food.. maybe :)

Side note: We'll see how long my eat healthy snacks thingy last...

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  1. Oh gosh... after 8 trips to Japan, I still have heaps of place in TOKYO that I've yet to visit! ;p

  2. Ya. So I've always gone back to Tokyo :p

  3. Ahem. I *live* here, and there are still 117 332 558 places I want to see. :D

  4. Love your posts on your walks! ^_^