From Sapporo 札幌市 to Asahikawa 旭川市

By Cubie - November 09, 2012

Clock in JR Sapporo Station
Kudos to the kind and helpful staff in JR counter in Sapporo train station. I am pretty sure if there were anyone in the line, they would've curse me with whatever they can think of. The lady staff was so patient and even worked out what was the cheapest option to get to Sapporo Asahikawa and travelling around including to Furano and Biei.

Here's the breakdown of the cost:
Furano Biei Round Tour Ticket: 5,400 yen (depart from Sapporo); 7,400 yen (depart from New Chitose Airport) - we departed from Sapporo
Total: 5,400

Sapporo to Asahikawa via Ltd Exp Super Kamui, unreserved seat: 4,170 (fare 2,420 + seat fee 1,750)
Asahikawa to Biei: 530 yen
Biei to Nakafurano: 530 yen
Nakafurano to Asahikawa: 1,040
Total: 6,270

Sapporo to Biei via Ltd Exp Super Kamui, transfer in Asahikawa, unreserved seat: 4,900 (3,150 + 1,750)
Biei to Nakafurano: 530 yen
Nakafurano to Asahikawa: 1,040
Total: 6,470

We were lodging in Asahikawa, therefore all travels needs to go back to Asahikawa. It would have make the Furano Biei Round Tour Ticket even more worth its value if we do a round trip from Sapporo to Asahikawa. We flew out of Hokkaido from Asahikawa but even with one way travel from Sapporo to Asahikawa area, it is still worth it to get the tickets, as in our case.

Tickets were placed in this JR envelope

Two different tickets
You will be given 2 tickets, named as Ticket A and Ticket B. There were even instruction on how to use the tickets. In short, Ticket A is the one time ticket for travel from Sapporo to the free area while Ticket B is for unlimited rides in the free area (valid for 4 days)

We took Ltd Exp Super Kamui 7, departing at 9am in the morning.

See the third sign? That's for the Ltd Exp Super Kamui, non reserved seat, second car.

Off to Asahikawa ;)

Side note: I need to be on some detox plan.. :/

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  1. Wow! wow! Wow! Been busy reading your previous posts. I'll know who to ask for tips should I ever plan to go to Japan. Your photos are amazing. I love the 5 flavor ice cream.

  2. Thanks :) I miss the 5 flavour ice cream.. yumm..

  3. Hi Cubie,

    Will be making my first trip, thanks to the detailed post here.

    Is it worth it to buy a JR Hokkaido pass or just Furano and Biei pass if I am following your route and travelling in late September?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Not knowing your planned trip, days involved, how many times you will be travelling between the cities, it would be hard to say which is more worth it. In addition JR Hokkaido pass has option of 3, 5, 7 days and flexi 4 days pass. That being said JR Hokkaido pass covers JR trains and some JR buses in Hokkaido, Sapporo is also served by subways (I believe this is not under JR).

      You could try to calculate the price by using Hyperdia -
      and compared with which is more worth it.

      Hope this helps. :)