Sapporo 札幌市: Consadole Sapporo

By Cubie - November 03, 2012

Consadole Sapporo (コンサドーレ札幌) is a Japanese professional footbal club, currently playing in the J. League Division 1. This is not my intended place to visit. In actual fact, I have not heard of this club prior to this.

It was just next to that famous chocolate factory park and the only reason I went in there was purely because I thought it was also part of chocolate park. Secret's out.. haha..

So you see, with the fragrant cookies smell and sculptures like that in a park, how would I know it is a football club. To me, it looked like little kids were sitting around listening to some stories being read to them. Tell me, in what way does it look like a football club ground to you?

Side note: Note to my self - the label Japan covers all posts related to Japan. Tokyo referring to first trip in 2009, Honshu referring to second trip in 2011, and Hokkaido referring to this trip in 2012.

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