Sapporo 札幌市: A church, a garden and a market

By Cubie - October 30, 2012

St Valentine Church
A church, a garden and a market. Not much of a connection eh. The church is not in one of those tourist attraction listing. We kind of walked passed it every day to get to the subway, as it was next to the Hotel Vista Sapporo Nakajima-koen where we stayed in Sapporo.

Don't think this lead to a secret garden?
After walking passed a beautiful church, then comes the garden :) From google map, looks like it is a huge garden, we barely stepped in to the entrance area.

Statue in Nakajima Koen, near subway entrance
You will reach the Nakajima Koen subway station right after this (if you travelled from Nakajima Koen)... get on a subway, transferring at Odori station to the yellow line and get off at Nijuyonken station (二十四軒駅). After a short walk of less than 10 minutes, we found ourself at Jyogai Market.

There were many different shops, all selling seafood (of course!) and fruits with some food type souvenirs. There were many shops selling fresh sushi or sashimi meals to choose from. :)

Real crab

Fake lobster
Ikura for sample

Sweet slice of melon *yum*

Side note: The washer isn't that expensive but why on earth I'm feeling uneasy about it = ="

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