Noboribetsu 登別市: Transport, Stay and Orientation

By Cubie - October 13, 2012

Welcome to Noboribetsu Onsen

We took a morning flight from Haneda Airport to New Chitose Airport via Skymark Airlines. Quite a few people asked why didn't we just fly with Air Asia. Well, the reason is that domestic flights via Air Asia depart from Narita Airport despite arriving from Malaysia in Haneda Airport. Skymark had the cheapest fares on the day we travelled.

Getting to Noboribetsu city from New Chitose Airport is fairly simple. As we did not have any bus timetable before hand (as this was initially a self-drive travel), we headed over to the travel information counter to check the bus time. Bus to Noboribetsu Onsen (登別温泉) is operated by Donan Bus. The link here showed that there's a direct bus at 12pm. However, there are buses to Noboribetsu Onsen at other times, but needs a transfer. The one we took was at 11.05am from bus stop no 2, with a transfer stop at Noboribetsu Higashi Inta Mae (登別東インター前停留所), loosely translate as "In front of Noboribetsu East Interchange". In fact, the transfer stop area was exactly where the above statue was located.

1,330 yen per person
One could get the tickets prior at Donan Bus counter in New Chitose Airport Terminal, or you could pay when you get off the bus. I bought the tickets at the counter, and we were given 2 separate tickets, one for getting to Noboribetsu Higashi Interchange, while another was from there to Noboribetsu Onsen itself. Ticket per person is 1,330 yen, regardless if it is direct bus or transfer.

We stayed in Noboribetsu Maiseikaku, located directly opposite the Noboribetsu Onsen bus station. We reached at about 12ish (I think was 12.38pm?). Even though it was not check in time yet, but we proceeded to drop our bags before strolling around. The lady at reception was superbly helpful and patient, talking to me in Japanese at all times. I'm appreciative for practising my primary school (I hope it is at least that level) level Japanese Language. Not only she explained on the facilities of the hotels, also recommended places to visit around Noboribetsu Onsen and answered my heaps of questions.

Here's a scanned used (sorry!) map of Noboribetsu Onsen area.

It's pretty much one street...
15 minutes walk from hotel (or I say can say bus station) to Jigokudani :)
I was wondering on how to get to the Oyunuma Ashiyu (foot bath), so I thought the map would be helpful... though I didn't manage to squeeze that in the itinerary.
Left side of the Guide Map...

Right side of the map

 Back to the hotel. Noboribetsu Manseikaku is of course an onsen hotel, given its location in this hot spring area. It's facilities included both indoor and outdoor onsen. The outdoor onsen area is complete with rocks and all. If you watch Detective Conan often enough, it is just like that! It was a bliss soaking in a rotenburo (露天風呂), looking up at the stars.

Edit: Found a picture at Noboribetsu Manseikaku's website, just to show how awesome the outdoor hot spring is!

Breakfast and dinner was served at their restaurant, both buffet style. We were given a range of time to choose to have our dinner, I take it that it was to avoid having too big a crowd and.. oh yummylicious food :)

Side note: Where has the time gone to?

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  1. Hi, how did you book this hotel? and how much is it?
    thanks! =)

    1. Hi Kelvin-Steph,
      I booked this via a travel agent in Japan (simply because she is a family member and offered to help). I see on the left side bar, there is a "Book now" that links to;lang=en;pb=1

      Think you can book via the link.

      I paid ¥19,200.00 for Japanese style room, including breakfast and dinner.

      Cheers :)