Overnight near Haneda Airport

By Cubie - October 09, 2012

We didn't do much on the night we arrived in Japan. We flew with Air Asia, with schedule arrival time at 2300. One of our concerns was missing the last train if we are to stay in Tokyo. In addition of needing to travel back to Haneda Airport for our domestic flights.

After looking up some options, factoring in distance and cost (of course, otherwise could have stay in Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu which is located in Terminal 2), we booked our accommodation for the night at Toyoko Inn Tokyo Haneda Kuko No.1. There's also a Toyoko Inn Tokyo Haneda Kuko No.2 but we picked the former as sis favoured the complimentary Japanese breakfast :P

Both Toyoko Inn Haneda offer complimentary airport shuttle, which is a great thing. Upon checked in, you will be given the airport shuttle timetable which started at quite an early time. From memory, about 4ish? I can't seem to find the timetime in my pile of papers. Sorry :(

We were also given a choice to pick a small gift - hair care set, face care set and I think skin care set. I picked the hair care set, simply because I thought I might need the hair clip. Anyway I ended up didn't use it.

Just in case you imagine it in a big box set
Anyway, here's one obligatory picture of the room. I won't bore you with pictures of every corner. It's not big but fully equiped and comfy.

There is enough space below the bed to store luggage

I like this little panel thingy at the lift, very thoughtful.
"Please touch this point first to prevent static electricity"
Oh.. and the breakkie was yummy too. Mom had second helping to the rice!
That was half boiled egg!

Side note: Hungry and peckish :( Maybe I should just go to bed. :P

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  1. Hi. I see AirAsia have flights that arrive at 10.30pm and 11pm. Your scheduled arrival time was 11pm, but what time did you actually arrive? I'm flying out to Tokyo soon and would like to know if there really is a difference or whether the airline is being funny about the times considering the 11pm arrival flights leave 5 minutes after the 10.30 flights.


  2. Hi Anon,
    I don't remember the exact arrival time, though seem to remember that it arrived before the scheduled time and announcement of the flight touched down earlier than scheduled time.


  3. Hi Cubie,

    Thanks for getting back to me on this. It's very much appreciated.

  4. looks like the hotel is only for member on 28th Oct 2013 =(
    Did u sign up as member to book the hotel?

    1. Hi Kelvin-Steph,
      I did not signed up as a member to book the hotel.
      On the website stated "For Toyoko Inn Club Card members, reservations are accepted 6 months in advance. For non-members, reservations are accepted 3 months in advance."
      Considering that now is still more than 3 months away and as of today, it appears that all rooms after 16/10/13 still flagged as not available for non members, you might need to wait for a little while to try again (if you are not in a rush to book)
      I travelled on 11/9/12 and made my reservation in August.

      That being said, I know there are some people who registered as a member as Toyoko Inn is a chain business hotel and they travel to Japan a few times :)

      Hope this helps.