Kiama: Little Blowhole and Seaside Market

By Cubie - April 18, 2012

After my disappointment in limited activity at the Blowhole Point, I decided to scout out the smaller relative. I asked the nice lady in the Visitor Centre of the Little Blowhole, and was told that it is more consistent as it depends on wind direction from the North. I am not too sure if I want to make another trip on purpose for a little more activity of this blowhole, so I set off my walk to see the Little Blowhole.

View from the lookout point at Blowhole Point

The Little Blowhole is located between it's bigger relative and Kiama Heights, so just head off towards Kiama Heights. I was told the walk takes about 30 minutes, though as usual, it took me longer :P

It was a nice coastal walk, hugging along the beach. It was nice view and all but as I was walking by the Kiama Showground, I felt it was getting warmer and craving for a nice smoothie.

I had to walk pass two beaches, first one - Surf Beach...and kept on thinking of getting a smoothie. :p

Here's the second beach - Kendalls Beach. If you are to do the Kiama Coast Walk, it is at the same direction.

Walked a little further... and you'll see the Little Blowhole...definitely more activity compared to the bigger blowhole.

I didn't proceed any further and made my way back to the town area, to visit the Kiama Seaside Market. It so happened that it was an Easter Monday Public Holiday, there was an extra market being scheduled. :)

I didn't take any pictures of the stalls as I learnt stallholders in Australia don't like people taking picture of their stalls or wares.

My lunch treat - sweet chilli chicken, served with wedges and sour cream. Food wise - only so so.. and service definitely not brilliant, so I won't recommend any. Oh.. not only I had cooling, refreshing berry smoothies, I even got a vanilla milkshake. :)

Side note: This is a scheduled post... and it is now Sunday night. How I dread tomorrow :(

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  1. I'm ashamed to say that I've been to Sydney half a dozen times but never explored farther than the city center. The great thing about reading blogs like yours is that I get a chance to discover places that I've never been - from my laptop :)

  2. I'm just trying to explore more of Sydney, rather than going to same few places :)
    Grin.. just like I discover those quaint places in UK