Kiama: Day trip - around the town

By Cubie - April 16, 2012

Kiama is at the south of Sydney, approximately 2 hours by train, of course faster if travel by car. It is being promote as a relaxation town with views over the ocean to Kiama's headland, characteristic pines and iconic lighthouse.

When I told Little P I'm thinking of doing a day trip to Kiama, she said it sound like I'm scolding some bad words = ="

Waiting for train on a public holiday Monday

Fast forward 2 hours, reaching Kiama train station

For a couple of times, I have tried to look up for time to visit this town, trying to coincide my visit to see the Blowhole with the markets, also avoiding staying overnight. Generally accommodations in Australia are expensive, and there is no exception in Kiama.

When I was passed this place, it reminded me of an old Salem TV advertisement.

An excerpt from Kiama's free visitors' guide 2012.

Located on a harbour, Kiama was the heart of the local cedar, quarrying and shipping industry in the 1880s and is now seat of the rgion's Council offices. In the town's Civic precinct you will see many fine old buildings: the imposing Old Council Chambers, the iconic pink Italianate Post Office and the oldest surviving building on the South Coast of NSW, the Kiama Court House, which was completed in 1861.

Kiama Council Chambers

The pink Post Office

A short walk towards the Kiama Blowhole and Lighthouse, near the Kiama Visitors' Centre, is the heritage Pilot's Cottage, home to the local harbour pilots from 1881 to 1981. For those interested in family history, you can trace your own ancestors at the Family History Centre, located downstairs from the Kiama Library.

Kiama Lighthouse

Pilot's Cottage Museum
The main attraction - Kiama Blowhole. I checked online to see the tide times before I made my travel and thought I would see the glorious blowhole. Much to my disappointment, there wasn't much activity.

Blowhole Point

I went in the Visitor Centre to check, I was told that it wasn't the tide that would influence the blowhole activity, instead direction of the wind. From memory, this blowhole is influenced by wind from South-West. The lady from Visitor Centre said there are information in the website but I can't seem to locate it, so I guess it's probably worth a phone call to the Visitor Centre to check before making a travel.

Side note: Getting addicted to stir fry udon.. yumm

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