By Cubie - January 14, 2012

Unfortunately I can't comment much on going to Fremantle by train, as both times I was there, I was driven to Fremantle. It is conveniently near Perth, therefore it is easy to include Fremantle as part of the itinerary.

My bro-in-law accidentally drove to the Fremantle Port on our way to find the E Shed Markets. However thereafter we decided to go to the other Fremantle Market as thought E Shed Markets does not have any souvenir stores. From the E Shed Markets website, appears that they do.

Fremantle Markets reminded me of Paddy's Market in Sydney, with stalls selling fruits, food, souvenirs, toys, etc. One thing I have not seen in Paddy's Market yet, was thes - Ostrich Eggs.

Somewhat across the street stood the Fremantle Oval.

And just a short walk further up from the Oval, one can find the Fremantle Prison. We only took a picture from the outside this round. :P

I feel it was not somewhat incomplete to leave Fremantle without having a fish and chips meals, so we went back to Cicerello's Fish & Chips.

I still feel there were way too much chips, but not lack of salt, and it would be a big bonus if they would provide free flow of sauce free of charge. From memory, they offered 2 tiny packets of tartar sauce for the 2 whole big packet of food. They do offer vinegar and salt at no additional cost and silly me thought dipping vinegar is a new way of eating chips only to realise that it was for salads. :P

~ Fish & Chips were wrapped up using some white paper

~ Maybe cos calamari were more expensive, hence were put on styroform boxes.

Side note: Wonder what can I do over the weekend in Darwin :P

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