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By Cubie - January 17, 2012

The 2 weeks to Singapore and back home were mostly on food. I had a couple of lists - errands to run, things to buy and one on food to eat. The food to eat list consists of food that I craved for over the time, I can't find them in Sydney or those that available but just does not taste the same. Unfortunately with my very amateur-ish skills, I just couldn't get the taste right.

Little P and Moo Moo Gal were most hospitable, housed me, planned my itinerary, brought me around the city and to eat in their midst of moving. Especially, silly crazy me strolled in Singapore with S$50 to spend for 2 full days.

The Supper
You read that right. The flight I took was a little delayed and by the time I picked up my luggage and passed Immigration, it was closed to 1am. Little P and Moo Moo Gal was already frolicking in the airport waiting for me. It appeared that they sat at one of those benches looking over the gates, just like cinemas seating facing the screen waiting for me and I strolled out from another gate.

As all of us were hungry, yes at 1am and I had both the meals offered on flight, we nicely walked in to TCC (The Coffee Connoisseur) for supper.

Deluxe Snack Platter

Hearty Breakfast with Eggs & Shrooms

We also ordered a Shrooms Bite, of mushroom and cheese which surprisingly not found in my photos collection. Must've jumped at the food and forgot to take a pic... though I thought I did grab a picture. Shrug. On top of the 3, we also placed an order for a pasta meal but it took way too long and we decided to cancel the meal as sleepiness crept in on us all. According to the waitress, they ran out of pasta sauce and need to make it from scratch, hence the wait. Shrug. The food was ok but the wait was a little too long.

Changi Airport T3 Arrival Hall
65 Airport Boulevard #01-22 Terminal 3 Arrival Hall
Phone : 6214 0680 Fax : 6214 0386

Business Hours: Daily, PH & PH Eve - 24 Hours

The Breakfast/Brunch
Breakfast (or maybe brunch due to the time we woke up) at Day 1 (yup, a couple of hours of sleep after supper) was at Toa Payoh Food Court.

Singapore Hokkien Mee served with sambal.

In Alor Setar, we sometimes referred Har Mee as Hokkien Mee, and KL, the black stir fry noodles are also called Hokkien Mee. So, this is a totally different variant. In fact, I reminded me of Lam Mee of some sort because of the starchy feel to the gravy.

Oh Chien, the salty version. Fried oyster with egg, also served with sambal. See how Singaporeans and Malaysians are generous with their condiments :P

The famous Soon Heng Rojak

Little P was given the task to queue up at the rojak stall while Moo Moo Gal went round to get the rest of the food. I had the easiest of task, sitting at the table to guard the space :P

Little P's breakfast - slow cooked soup or literally translated as old fire cooked soup. It's like treasures inside a small bowl.

My dose of coffee and Moo Moo Gal's Teh C Peng

Toa Payoh Food Court
Basement 1 Food Court
HDB Hub Toa Payoh Central

Day 2 breakkie was with a friend, a simple cappuccino and bun, nothing special and no picture to show.

Day 3 breakkie was nasi lemak in airport. How I miss having nasi lemak for breakkie! :P

The Lunch
Day 2 lunch was a simple fare. I tried to convince myself that I need the detox after stuffing myself silly the first day I touched down... also that my friend is a vegetarian.

Cobb Salad from Salad Stop, Novena Square

I was introduced to Cobb Salad when I was in SF and this is one salad that I really like. The Cobb Salad from Salad Stop was a little different though, the obvious different was the egg was not served as hard boiled egg. I prefer the one I had in USA though.

Salad Stop
238 Thomson Road, #02-24, Novena Square, Singapore 307683

The Snacks

Ole Ole fries from Best Fries Forever - Salsa get creamed, Spanish style

Best Fries Forever
Raffles City
#B1-55 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Nearest MRT: EW13 City Hall

The one we went was in Raffles City, picking up the fries and to meet up with Little P who was queueing for Buffet Town. I was told reservation was difficult to get too, after all it was Christmas Eve.

Sinful toast with thick coat of kaya + butter from Toast Box. Yumm. I did try to replicate this at Sydney but I think it will taste as good if you spread it with very thick layer :P
Hence, sinful :P

313@Somerset B2
313 Orchard Road, #B2-31/32/33
Tel 6634 2863
(At least, I think it is this one that we went...)

The Dinner
Dinner at day 1 was at Buffet Town - it was a Christmas Eve dinner. I was ashamed that I didn't prepare enough gifts for all who present. Umm... was even contemplating of hiding in the washroom when it happened..umm

Christmas was around the corner, so we had roast turkey! Yumm..

Prawns, satay, chilli crab with deep fried mantou, sushi, sashimi, Peking duck, fishes, veges, selection of ice cream (the ones pictured was black sesame and ... can't remember), oysters and ginger bread house (we didn't have this) but we had much much more than what was photographed.

Buffet Town
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44E Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore
Tel: +65 6837 3793

Dinner for day 2 was kolok mee! I so miss kolok mee, but unfortunately it is not the easiest thing to find even in Malaysia, outside of Sarawak. It was served together with a small bowl of soup.
This was found actually in the very upmarket Marina Sands Bay - a stall call Jiaxiang. They literally make you walked all the way across the mall just to get to the food court, which I suspect is the cheapest eatery in the whole shopping mall. :P

It will at least curb the cravings for kolok mee for a while, I suppose. By the way, mind you, it was difficult to get a table, we were there at dinner time. Not sure if it would be much empty outside peak hours.

Side note: Should I travel again for this CNY?

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  1. glad u enjoyed urself...^=^ if only u hav more time and we're not in d midst of shifting... u could have been to more places and ate more round ya...