Windmills in Kinderdijk

By Cubie - June 18, 2010

By the end of day 3, upon leaving Madurodam my shoes were on the way out. This is the only pair of covered shoes I brought and I don't fancy walking in the cold weather in sandals, not to mention wet. A little innovation way of tying the laces, and I'm back to walking comfortably... so long it doesn't rain again.

This is how my shoes looked all the way up to Brugge.

Happy with the soles not flipping when I walked, I braved out on day 4, to visit the windmills :)

We took a train from Amsterdam Centraal to Rotterdam Lombardjen. From there, out of the station, cross the road and waited for bus 90 in the direction of Utrecht. After about 30 minutes and keeping an eye for stop at Kinderdijk, the home to the 19 windmills.

According to the official website, windmills in Kinderdijk were built in 1740. It is said that Kinderdijk owes it's name to a special event during the flood. A cradle with a child on the waves was kept in balance by a cat and stranded on the slope of a dike. The spot where this happened was named Kinderdijk. Literally, Kinderdijk means "child's dike".

This place is absolutely beautiful with windmills lined up against serene nature. No entrance fee charged but entrance to the windmill museum cost 3.50 euro per person. The farm animals grazing the grass at the side, setting with background of the majestic windmills, a very scenic picture.

The pictures I took do not do them justice, you'll have to go and see for yourself. We decided not to retrace our step back, and chance on taking bus 90 to Utrecht Centraal, that took about 1 hour. From there, a train back to Amsterdaam Centraal.

Seeing the line up of windmills... It make the train ride, the change of bus... All worthwhile.

Side note: The game between Germany and Serbia... ummm

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  1. Good shots of the windmills. I'm planning to go there in September, and am pondering whether to take Bus 90 or to take the Waterbus.

    1. Thanks Paul! Didn't know about the Waterbus option but make sure you don't miss the stop at Kinderdijk if you take the bus, they were fairly infrequent (at least when I was there)