From tulips to miniatures

By Cubie - June 16, 2010

Donkey years ago, I remembered sis said wanting to go to the tulip garden in the Netherlands. At that time, I didn't even know the name of the place.
Many years passed, and on the first fine day in Amsterdam, we were at Keukenhof! (Ticket: 14 euro per person; Transportation: bus 58 from terminal B3. Strippenkaart 6 strips per person)

It was much much bigger than Floriade in Canberra and of course, more flowers.

But it was the tulip farm next to it that we spend much of the time snapping pictures. If you take train out from Amsterdam, you can see a few of tulip farms along the way.

After spending hours in the garden, on making out way to the last stop which was the windmill, I saw people queuing up to buy food. Umm.. like I always tell tour guide, I'm glutton and always looking at food. This time, I was lucky - we finally found the raw herring - haring. It was yummy!!

We were all happy after having the fish, and left Keukenhof for Madurodam. (Transportation: From keukenhoof, bus 89 to Den Haag, tram 9 to Madurodam; Entrance Ticket: 14.50 euro per person). The bus stop is near the roundabout, not where we hopped off the initial bus from keukenhoof.

Madurodam is a miniature city in Den Haag. To prove that it is little...

The models were very impressive... Not only there were buildings ....

there were also railway station, airport, etc

Side note: hmm.. better be good and start on the work I brought home :(

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