The Hobbit in Brugge

By Cubie - June 23, 2010

Had the most proper and good meal in Brugge since initial touchdown in the Europe continent. Not that we didn't eat, but it wasn't those sit down meal...if you get what I meant. Met up with Kimmie in Brugge and she brought to The Hobbit for dinner. I grabbed this photo from sis's facebook pic... I didn't take the pic, in fact my brother in law commented that why is that those food photos are always with me inside. Reason being I was the one assign to buy food and cos sis has this powerful lens we refer to as "food lens". She will bring out the food lens to take tempting picture of the dish.

Like this one....

There was also a chicken dish but I don't have the picture to show. After dinner, we took the train back to Brussels. I think it is way cool that they have a close heated waiting place at the platform :)

Have had the intention to also put up some Brussels night pic but this post is type using only the phone and I am stupidly sleepy.... will make another post. :)

Side note: night night

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