Take 5: Daylight savings

By Cubie - October 04, 2009

LOL... the last few posts were all on travel, accummulated since early this year :p
Anyways, its getting pretty up todate, sort of... the Southern Highlands visit was in August, so its not too bad isn't it? ;)

Anyway, daylight savings started today. So it meant that I lost an hour of sleep. When I first came to Australia, I couldn't understand the concept of daylight savings.. I was thinking, if i save one hour today, when do I replace it back? Apparently we dont, putting it bluntly, you adjust the clock an hour faster but in actual, you could say it's just trying to trick the brain that it is this new time - an hour faster.

Someone wrote that you could remember it by - spring forward, fall back. Simply meant - during spring, you adjust the clock forward by an hour, but during fall (autumn), you adjust it back. Umm... I kind of like daylight savings in a way, somehow it does gives the illusion that you do have longer time in a day :P

And so now it is 3 hours difference from home....

Side note: Tomorrow's public holidays.. yay! If I dont feel slack, I might blog up on the Bradman Museum :P

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