Sydney: Another overnight trip to Sydney

By Cubie - August 24, 2019

The least blurred compared to the other blurs...
It felt like this year is the year of visiting Sydney for me. This was also one of the those overnight work trip, a little worse compared to the previous overnight trip was a delayed flight to Sydney. This trip was in early July 2019.

I initially planned to have teishoku at Yayoi but they already had their last call by the time I got there. I "settled" for some Thai food at Chat Thai before it was next door at Westfield Pitt Street Mall. Not sure if Chat Thai were having an off day or I picked the wrong dish or simply I should have it with more rice but I find the soft shell crab in curry sauce overly salty.

I was super hungry and ordered an entree of  and main. I wanted some fresh spring rolls but they have run out so I opted for todt mun bpla (fish cakes with pickled cucumber relish) and for main, I had bpu nim padt pohng karee (stir fried crisp soft shell crab in yellow curry sauce with Chinese celery)

Todt mun bpla ($13)

Bpu nim padt pohng karee ($25)
Hotel stay was back to Swissotel Sydney - excellent as usual.

The next day was one of those full workshop but I had dinner at Movida in the airport. My colleague is not big on taking pic of her food so I didn't because we were sharing some tapas.

Side note: As of posting this, I already had another trip to Sydney! Haha. 

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