Western Europe: Germany - A day trip to Beilstein

By Cubie - August 12, 2017

This poster was taken from my airbnb host's place in Freiburg but I think it is a cool map. It was a little blur, wished I've checked the photo when I took it. I spent about 2 weeks in Germany and was only at Rheinland-Pfalz and Baden-Wurttemberg.

Beilstein is a small village along the Mosel in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz. It is said to have one of the best preserved historical appearances on Mosel. It saw that it was quoted to be the "Sleeping Beauty of the Mosel" on some of the pamplets in the Tourist Information Center (TIC) in Cochem.

I bought a day pass when I left Burg Arras as I had planned to travel to Beilstein on the same day. I had a blank moment and questioned if I could use the same ticket on the bus. I tried to reconfirm it with the lady at the TIC but she was not sure. I decided there must be a reason why I did that, instead of just getting a single ticket so I went ahead and showed the bus driver when I got on to get to Beilstein.

I took bus #716 from Cochem to Beilstein but return with the river boat. River boats along the Mosel are quite seasonal so I thought since I was there in the right season I would take a ride.

From afar I could see a ruined hilltop castle so made my way towards it. Burg Metternich was built in 1129 but was destroyed by French troops in 1689. There is a cafe at the bottom, or entrance to the castle. I didn't continue towards the castle as there was a small fee to get up there.

Inside Karmeliterkirche St Josef

Beilstein was the first village I visited in Germany. Cochem aside as it was where I landed and made my base. It felt surreal walking around, poking my nose to whichever turn I took. As it was a village, it really wasn't big and it didn't take too long to explore around even though I probably walked every turn.

When I was ready to head back, I got on the next ferry back to Cochem.

Someone asked me what do I do when I go on holidays by myself, I wasn't sure of his question. He then elaborated that when his wife and him went on holidays, for example, they would visit some places, walked around the park, eat in a restaurant. So I told him, I do those too, by myself. Hmm.. almost make me feel like I was doing something out of ordinary.

Side note: Need to stop buying naughty food on my grocery runs!

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