Fiji: Sunrise mountain hike and coconut demo

By Cubie - February 02, 2017

Life is like hiking, there are ups and downs, some strenuous climbing up, careful navigating of gravel paths, every time is different. That pretty much summed up what I thought as I did this sunrise mountain hike.

I wasn't sure if it would go through the same path going up the hike. I thought it could be different, even if it was the same road, I don't mind checking out the sunrise in Fiji. So I got up in time to be at the dive shop at 6 am gathering time. This time it was led by a young girl, max at her early twenties. There were only 4 of us.

I realised we were actually doing the same trek as the mountain hike. It was an easy hike for me the other day but of course Pete was hiking in his slippers. I got cocky but this time we were rushing up the mountain to be in time for the sunrise. At the first look out area, I told the other 3 in the party to move ahead of me so I don't hold anyone up. A gentleman told me he would stay behind me, probably worried I fall off the cliff.

I made up it before sunrise but no sunrise due to clouds. We waited for a short while then started on our descend. It's like life isn't it, no matter how hard you tried, it doesn't mean you will reap the reward at the top.

After a short descend, we saw the sun rising up from behind the mountains. :) So don't lose hope, all is not lost.

I thought I've finally got the hang of navigating down the gravel path, so yes, I got cocky again and fell. It was the most gentle fall ever though. Overall, it was another good hike, especially with a breakfast treat at the end of it.

Another Fijian pancake - babakau.

Aside from the usual continental breakfast spread, we can also order crepes, eggs or pancakes from the station. I ordered the day's special of tomato egg.

There was also a coconut demo at about lunch time by Pete. He opened a young coconut and an old one, letting us try the water and flesh. Old coconut water tasted better (sweeter and less sour) but young coconut flesh tasted better. Then Pete brought some coconut flesh to the kitchen for deep fried. This was the first time I tried deep fried coconut. It was yum!

Lunch on check out day was not included in the meal plan but we could pay for lunch and given the option of sit down lunch or takeaway BBQ chicken wrap. I opted for the takeaway wrap and it was handed to me before we got on the ferry transfer.

I fell asleep on the Yasawa Flyer again on our way back to Port Denarau. Haha. Upon reaching Port Denarau, we picked up our luggage near the coach car park. This was where there were some discrepancy. Upon making my accommodation and ferry shuttle booking, I was told that I would get a complimentary transfer to my accommodation in Nadi but I was told otherwise upon check out. I was told that I was to get the complimentary coach to Mercure Hotel (not where I booked to stay) and get a taxi to Oasis Palm Hotel (where I would be staying). Anyway, we were sent to another hotel and Oasis Palm Hotel sent a taxi to collect us for a fee of FJD $5 per person.

Dinner was at Oasis Palm Hotel's restaurant, Mamasake. I had drinks with my dorm mate, M thereafter. There were only two of us out of the 4 beds available in the room. I had an enjoyable conversation with M.

Day 5 cost breakdown:

  • BLBR dorm bed: NZD $100 for 4N (NZD $25 per night)
  • Compulsory meals plan (B/L/D): NZD $300 for 4N (NZD $75 pp/day)
  • Port Denarau boat transfer: NZD $252 for round trip (NZD $126 single trip)
  • BBQ chicken wrap: FJD $10
  • Shuttle to Oasis Palm Hotel: FJD $5
  • Dinner at Mamasake: FJD $19

Side note: Why is waiting so hard...?

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