Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sri Lanka: Short morning in Nuwara Eliya

The view near our accommodation wasn't bad, was it?

But in actual fact, it was looking like this.

In a short morning stint, I managed to slip and fell, giving me a gash on my palm and a big blue black on my thigh. S was worried that the wound would be infected and off we went back to the accommodation to get some antiseptic to clean the wound. We also checked out a little grocery shop nearby to buy one to bring along.

It was quite nostalgic. It has been a long time since I entered a grocery shop which sells plaster (bandaid) by number of pieces you want.

There was also a little strawberry farm nearby. We didn't enter as it charged an entrance fee.

Yes - I know these are not strawberry plant

Next stop, Ohiya!

Side note: Where is the most affordable last minute travel destination from Melbourne during Christmas season? 

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