Thursday, June 9, 2016

El Salvodarian food at Los Latinos

Mine was the tamarind soda
Maybe my brain has turned into mushroom or cotton wool because I couldn't find the photos of the El Salvadorian food I tried when I wanted to blog the other day. Today, however as I was scrolling through the photos, they are there!

This dish was fried yucca and it was yum. I have never tried it before this, technically all the food are new to me.

This was apparently El Salvador's most notable dish - pupusa with cheese and jalapeno fillings. Separately, not together. As in one has chilli filling, the other jalapeno.

Each had two pupusa.. so these were mine :D
We had another dish, ceviche which I totally forgot to take a photo of, and the meal was completed with desserts from bakery next door. I bought an empanada.

So here you go, a blog post on some Latin America food before my brain turn into cotton wool again..

Side note: Is it the weekend yet? *sigh*

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