Ph(f)oto Friday: Dapanji

By Cubie - February 12, 2016

Actually I think they named it xiaopanji (small version of dapanji). The vege dish on the right is normal portion, the one of the left us jaw dropped when we were served. We can't finish them and asked for a doggie bag. The best way to transport something with sauce (even though we didn't try not to pack the sauce) is holding it all the way; however we still have the whole day to walk about in Almaty.

I packed them in my backpack and carried the food up Kok Tobe and all around city. Needless to say, my backpack smelt like dapanji for the days to come. The good thing was the backpack was on the verge out by then, so I have discarded the backpack upon return to Melbourne.

The other thing missing after my Central Asia trip was my hoodie. Long story short, my postponed flight from Urumqi to Guangzhou was delayed and they didn't want to check my luggage till they were confirmed I would be on the flight. So with the rush here and there, I absent-mindedly left my hoodie in Urumqi airport to which I could pictured an obaasan (old lady) wearing them in the Urumqi streets. Lucky thing I only paid $8 for it, else I would be T_T all the way.

Side note: Yaaawnn...

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