How to apply for Uzbekistan visa in Malaysia

By Cubie - September 28, 2015

To make things clear, I hold a Malaysian passport and currently staying in Australia. There is no Uzbekistan embassy in Australia but the one in Singapore is responsible for Australia. So there was a confusion whether I would have to send my passport to Singapore or Malaysia to apply for this visa.

I rang up the Uzbekistan embassy in Singapore but the consular was away at the time and I was told to email. I have not receive a response to this date. I then rang the Uzbekistan embassy in Malaysia (please note of their working days and hours) and was told that because I hold a Malaysian passport, even if I send my passport to Singapore, it would need to be forwarded to Malaysia for processing.

Sis had an unplanned trip back to KL in July and I decided that the best way to apply for this visa was to post my passport to her (yes, I was worried about the passport). She carried my passport back to KL and apply from the Uzbekistan embassy in Malaysia.

This of course is for a tourist visa. 

Before approaching the Consular Section with your application please make sure you have all documents required:

1.   Copy of the letter of invitation from inviting partners in Uzbekistan.
--> not required after calling and speaking to the rep in Uzbekistan Consular Section and in written here.

2.   Two copies of the visa application form duly completed and signed by the applicant, which can be obtained by visiting link on the left or at the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Malaysia.
 --> in the app form asked for address where to stay, needs to include booking confirmation sheet

3.   Two photographs. Attach recent passport-sized photographs to your application forms.
--> as we applied our visa in Malaysia, we did Malaysia passport size photos

4.   Passport must have at least one blank page to affix the visa and be valid for the entire period of your stay in the country.

5.   Fees. To be paid on collection only.
--> they will request that you give them a phone call to check how much to pay. When sis called, they asked how many days you want (even though dates given in the app) and told sis to go to the embassy to discuss. We paid USD 75 for 23 days (RM 288), to be banked in at Standard Chartered in Raja Chulan and bring the slip to the embassy.

6.   Applying by mail: Before sending your documents please contact the consular section to assure that visa issuance confirmation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in place. Please provide self-addressed pre-paid envelope to return your passport.

7.   Incomplete visa applications are not accepted. A personal interview with an applicant may be required. In case any person is declined to obtain entry visa to Uzbekistan, the Consular Section of the Embassy reserves the right to provide no explanation.

8. Also asked for flight itinerary even though did not mentioned in the website.

9. At one point, there were some debates about actual flight itinerary to Uzbekistan (we fly in to Kyrgyzstan and out of Kazakhstan) but they have allowed as many done land border crossing as well.

Side note: The good news was we didn't need a visa for both Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan as we stayed shorter than the visa free period ;)

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  1. Replies
    1. Hopefully soon.. when I finish sorting the thousands of photos ;)

  2. Ok, I'm jealous. These countries are not so popular or well-known among most Malaysians but I love to go someday after my Girl Scout leader shared about her travel experiences to there.

  3. Syioknya, go Uzbekistan.

    But such a roundabout way for you to apply for visa. No choice, eh?

    1. yes.. Uzbekistan, so no more leave for Japan this year...
      Ya - no choice but better than mailing my whole passport around the globe.. *paranoid*..haha

  4. Hi,
    Thank you very much for posting this!! :)
    Anyway, just to confirm.. I'm a Malaysian, so we don't need LOI from inviting partners in Uzbekistan??? Just leave the blank blank in the form?


    1. Hi ZyXuz - my apologies but I don't remember if i left the column blank or wrote something indicating that it was not required. Our visa was approved without having to submit LOI.

      As you are in the process of going to apply for a visa, I am sure you would have realised the differences of information available and these changes as time passes as well.

      To be safe, you could ring you the embassy - office hour

      I did however printed out the webpages that indicate LOI not required to be attached, just to be sure.

      I think it also helps if you can submit in person. Good luck!

  5. Uzbekistan is beautiful country with the nature of scenarios. I lived there almost for 3 years, Uzbeki they are very friendly. You will enjoy the Uzbek foods^^ YUMMY.
    For senior Malaysians above 55 years can visit there without a visa.

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