Sherbrooke: Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

By Cubie - June 06, 2015

Autumn in Melbourne feels a little short, not temperature wise but tree changing colour wise. Almost like if you missed it one weekend, there will be gone the week after. Sherbrooke is about 50 minutes drive away east from Melbourne CBD. I don't have a car, so the alternative was public transport. I took a train then a bus to get to Sherbrooke, specifically this garden - Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens. It took me about 2 hours to get to this garden, on a weekend where trains stop every station.

I first about this garden from a photography based meet up group. Someone suggested to take some photos in this garden during autumn. I initially had signed up to attend but then realised that buses don't run on this route on Sundays (the meet up session was on a Sunday). By sheer stubbornness that I drag myself out on a cold autumn morning the Saturday after to see this garden.

Alfred Nicholas and his brother George developed the 'Aspro' painkiller. It was originally a German discovery but the supply was halted during the first world war. George who was a chemist re-discovered the formula, the Australian Government awarded the patent and the Nicholas fortune grew. Alfred purchased this land in 1929 and build his home. The estate was name 'Burnham Beeches'. Mr Nicholas passed away before the garden was completed but Mrs Nicholas stayed on the property until second world war. The garden was donated to the people of Victoria in 1965 and was under the care of the local shire council. The garden was handed to the Victorian State Government in 19772.

I was a little early and the weather was cloudy hence the dark looking photos. However at least it wasn't raining though still cold. I had my beanie on my head the whole time. But really, what autumn view? All were in shades of green!

Then I saw a couple of lonely trees with yellow leaves. I was ecstatic and snap happy.

As I was doing my round around the pond I overheard a few people talking about the yellow leaves. One of them said, "Stand here and I'll take a photo of you. People will think you were in Japan."

Soon after that I was in need of another coffee fix and found a cafe next door to the garden. It was the Burnham Beeches of course. I didn't want to reach the city too late so I just did a takeaway of coffee and an almond croissant from the Piggery Cafe.

That was autumn... Melbourne is well into winter now, it's amazing how just at the turn of 1st June, the temperature just dropped many notches down.

Side note: Ice-cream.. yummm. ^^

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  1. What a lovely place!

    And it's autumn. I am so jealous.

    1. eh, sudah winter now ya?

      Still jealous. Hahaha

    2. lol..ya.. sudah winter.. sejukkk

  2. I'm so glad I popped in again, because ... autumn! It's autumn down south! That's enough to make me nostalgic and wobbly-lipped and teary-eyed. I miss the south so much!

    1. Winter already! Autumn was super short :|