Beijing: Accommodation and Logistic

By Cubie - April 24, 2013

Warning: This will be a boring post on stay and logistic.

We stayed in a simple, no nonsense hostel named Beijing 235, ¥200 a night. Sis made booking via whatsapp. Yes, you didn't read wrongly, the room reservation was made via whatsapp. Very up to date. However we did ask for a confirmation letter for visa application.

Corridor leading to our room
Silly me didn't take a picture of the front door but you can see it on their website. Also no pictures of the room, because we crashed to bed straightaway on the night (or rather, morning) we arrived. Simple room, 2 beds, 1 bathroom. It was one of those bathroom with no specific shower area, just a shower head so the bathroom floor would be wet.

It is located in Andingmen nei (安定門內), about 10 minutes walk to Andingmen (安定門) train station (Line 2). Bus stop was a very short stroll away. There is also a designated train ticket booking office nearby, just a block down across the street.

Transport wise, it is definitely worth it to grab one of those Beijing Transport Card, to avoid queuing to purchase tickets every time, on top of the security check and 60% discount on bus fares. Subways are fixed at ¥2 regardless of distance (no discount on subway fare but it is economical enough). Bear in mind though, only certain stations process the refund.

Side note: Doraemon museum ^ ^

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