Busselton: A little blue cottage at the jetty

By Cubie - June 24, 2012

There's a souvenir shop inside this little building, at the start of the jetty.

My baby niece skipped her newly started swimming lesson, my sis and bro in law postponed their usual morning grocery in Subiaco market and I missed my usual Saturday jog. We made our way, together with mom down south in Western Australia. After a brief stop in Mandurah and Bunbury, the next pit stop was Busselton.

I was at Busselton Jetty a few years ago, for a short 10 minutes as part of a day trip tour to Margaret River. This time around, it was a little longer. Busselton Jetty is said to be the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. It stretched 1.8 kilometres across Geographe Bay. You can spend a little more cash and take a train ride, or walk to the end. You will be rewarded with entrance (if you have paid for the ticket) to the Underwater Observatory at the end of your walk, if you are lucky. I said, if you are lucky, because it was closed the day we were there. LOL, speaking of timing.

Entrance up till the souvenir shop is free of charge. To access the remaining of the bridge, one has to pay $2.50 per person.

Side note: I'm tired of being tired :(

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