Layer cake!

By Cubie - November 10, 2010

No.. I'm not such a talented baker. On off I have cravings for food from home... some I'll make effort to cook or bake (if not too elaborate), some which are beyond me but if I'm lucky, I could buy it here... but there are some that are much beyond me and can't find it anywhere - like ham chin peng and seremban siew pao. Those I'll have to coax myself to forget about it, or like Little P said I shouldn't see those nice pictures in food blog.

Anyway, this layer cake is one of them. Actually when I first found it... it was stupidly expensive, imagine 3 pieces of it (thickness like those usual post-it note) and cost about $6 Australian dollar. *Gulp* Despite of the cravings, the price totally kill any remaining intention of tasting. As time passed, the craving is gone but I found a cheaper version of it... thats the big block (as above). Thought I'll buy and reward myself :P

Side note: Nah... layer cake way beyond me..

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