Sydney: Coogee to Bondi Walk

By Cubie - January 06, 2020

Bondi to Coogee or Coogee to Bondi Walk is very popular and accessible coastal walk to be done in Sydney. The more popular name is of course Bondi to Coogee but I started from Coogee hence, Coogee to Bondi. Simply because I like the idea of walking from the area further from CBD and ended to the bigger Bondi. The suburbs from Coogee to Bondi and inclusive are accessible via public transport so one doesn't really need to do the whole walk if doesn't want to.

The total walk is about 6km, taking 2-3 hours depending on number of stops. As I started from Coogee, the route brought me passed Gordons Bay, Clovelly Bay, Waverly Cemetery, Bronte Beach before arriving at Bondi Beach.

Getting to Coogee
I took a bus from Sydney CBD. If you use Google maps to plan your route, there's a destination of "Bondi to Coogee Walk, Coogee NSW 2031".

Coogee Beach
It was a fairly warm day when I did my walk, so there were a lot of activities at the beach. Swimming, painting, beach volleyballs and the walk itself. The start of the walk isn't from from the beach, just follow the path leading to Dunningham Park.

Gordons Bay
Gordons Bay is a little hidden between Coogee Beach and Clovelly Beach. It is accessible via the Coastal Walkway.

The beach was lined with some boats at the time of my visit. I was told that the black ashes from bush fires were seen on the sand and shore.

Clovelly Beach
There is an ocean pool cut at the sheltered bay of Clovelly Beach. It felt like a swimming pool in the ocean.

Waverley Cemetery
This heritage site of a cemetery sits at the to of Bronte cliffs, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The first interment was back in August 1877.

Bronte Beach and Bondi Beach
After Bronte Beach and Tamarama Beach, one would arrive at one of Australia's most iconic beach - Bondi Beach. The crowd is significantly bigger but it was a pretty big beach.

I didn't linger too long as I didn't plan to go in for a swim. I looked for a nearby bus stop and promptly got on a bus and made my way back to the CBD.

Side note: Post holidays blues...

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