Jordan: My first Middle East country

By Cubie - January 16, 2020

The ones who knew would uttered the word, "Indiana Jones" upon learning that I was making my way to Jordan. The ones who didn't asked, "Why Jordan?"

Then came the question, "Is it safe to travel to Jordan?" This is a reasonable question in terms of both geographically and as a solo female traveller. Comments I received range from "Wow, how exciting!" to "I hope your manager doesn't approve your leave so you don't get to go." I know they meant well but ouch.

But how can one not heard of Al-Khazneh, possibly the most famous treasury in the world? That's enough reason for anyone to make their way to this country in Middle East. However, there is more to Jordan than meets the eyes. Jordan is amazing and exceeded my expectation.

This post came because I went to Jordan and returned safely during the company's compulsory leave over Christmas and New Year period by myself. The singles are not interested, the married ones can't go.

On the geographical and country safety aspect, Australia's smart traveller website advice "Exercise a high degree of caution" during my visit. As for safety as a visitor, I've done my share of googling around "Is Jordan safe to travel to as a solo female traveller?" After reading through all the articles, blog posts I feel comfortable that I can manage my safety before making a decision to travel to Jordan.

Overall, I find Jordan safe as someone who had just returned from solo travelling. Jordanians are helpful, kind and friendly. I'm grateful for the locals who gave me a lift and didn't charge me for it, the Jordanian lady who kept an eye on me in the bus and gestured me to follow her when the bus broke down in the middle of journey, the man who brought me to the correct bus to commute back to Amman.

Regardless, as usual please be mindful of the scams, when walking in dark or quieter areas and stay vigilant. I did encounter an incident with a taxi driver in Amman, and will write about it later.

Here is my itinerary for 10 days in this spectacular country.

N: night, M: morning, A: afternoon, E: evening
23/12, Day 00 - On flight
24/12, Day 01 - Arrived in Amman, take bus to Wadi Musa/Petra* (Petra Rest Home)
25/12, Day 02 - Petra*
26/12, Day 03 - Petra*
27/12, Day 04 - Bus to Wadi Rum* (Wadi Rum Legend Camp)
28/12, Day 05 - Bus/Taxi to Aqaba* (Amir Palace Hotel)
29/12, Day 06 - Bus to Amman* (Gallery Guest House)
30/12, Day 07 - Amman*, day trip to Jerash
31/12, Day 08 - Amman*, day trip to Kerak Castle
01/01, Day 09 - Madaba, Mount Nebo, Bethany Baptism Site, Dead Sea* (Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea)
02/01, Day 10 - Afternoon flight to Melbourne
*referring to overnight stay

Side note: Craving for nuggets...

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  1. My eyes are green with envy right now looking at the places you've been, such as Peru and now Jordan. Really admire your courage of travelling alone to these countries where many ladies, including me don't feel like going there all by myself.

    1. Go with a friend then! Jordan is amazing, so is Peru!