Sydney: Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

By Cubie - November 01, 2019

Maybe this photo is a little misleading. Not that the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House are fake but this was taken from Cahill Walk lookout, when I was on the way to the Pylon Lookout.

I previously posted on multiple photos of this famous bridge, adorably nicknamed as the Coathanger. Wow - it has been ten years!

The theme today are Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I usually tell people I like living in Melbourne but the view of these 2 iconic landmarks are really hard to beat if you can't decide on a location to visit in Australia. That say, I didn't really enjoy the area around Circular Quay wharf, it somehow felt like my memories of transportation hub in Malaysia where people prefers to avoid.

Anyway, back to photo spam of this arch-based bridge as I took a detour on my walk to the Pylon Lookout.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout
My friends who came to visiting from the land of Merlion did the Bridge Climb. The Bridge Climb tickets came with free entry to The Pylon Lookout. My friends left me with the entrance ticket to the Pylon Lookout. Coincidentally I was in Sydney just in within the validity date so of course, I made a trip there. Otherwise, admission is $19 per person for adults. I had an extra ticket after I used one of them and tried to offer to some visitors but I think they were apprehensive and refused the ticket. I didn't think that I look dodgy. Oh well.

There are some interesting exhibits regarding the bridge on level one. On my visit there was no one manning the counter on level one so I am unsure if the museum is free.

Going up another level, there were still some other exhibits before one has to pay for entry to the lookout.

And then of course, here are some photos taken from the lookout.

Side note: How is it that lemongrass is so hard to find?

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