Perth: Day trip to Rottnest Island

By Cubie - August 17, 2019

Rottnest Island or affectionately referred to as Rotto is a island off the coast of Western Australia (WA). It is easily (but not cheaply) accessed from Fremantle via a ferry trip. Rottnest is probably most famous for its population of quokkas, a small native marsupial. Cars are not allowed making the island a good place to cycle. If cycling isn't your thing, there are bus services running on the island.

We took a ferry by Rottnest Express to the island and got around there by bicycle. They have some deals of ferry plus bike hire that we took.

We made our own sandwiches for lunch so we didn't have to lunch at one of the restaurants and could munch or picnic where we stopped. I was in charged of transporting the food, sis had the change of clothes after swim while brother-in-law (BIL) had the kids in tow via the child trailer. We joked that we were on a working holiday. Haha.

We cycled towards the direction of Porpoise Bay. We made 2 stops. The first was a short one to use the bathroom and get some sandwiches to munch.

Second stop was at Henrietta Rocks. Henrietta Rocks just a little away from Porpoise Bay. From here, one can see a little remains of the Shark wreck that are visible above water. This barge, Shark was wrecked in 1939 and said to have drifted from Fremantle. We stopped here to have some water splashing activity.

After that, we cycled back but managed to made a quick squeeze at Mushroom Rock Lookout which is at the other side of the ferry jetty.

We returned back to Fremantle for dinner and decided on The Monk. It is a craft brewery and restaurant.

The food were really good. The least impressive one was the pizza.

Garlic and rosemary bread ($9)

Chilli mussels ($31)

Parma pizza - fresh tomato base, mozzarell, rocket, prosciutto, shaved parmesan and cherry tomatoes ($26)

Crab fettucine ($36) but they didn't have crab so was substituted with lobster

White choc pannacotta ($12)

Italian tiramisu ($11)

Side note: Don't forget the quokkas

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