Sydney: Second trip to the capital of NSW

By Cubie - July 28, 2019

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Unexpectedly a month after my overnight visit to Sydney, I was back for another 4 days for training. So it meant more eating capacity and usually Japanese cuisine. On the day I landed, a Sunday evening, one of my work colleague invited me to have dinner at her place and she served up some Sri Lankan curries. There was another dish but I missed taking photo of that one as she brought it straight to the table and her kids were waiting to eat! Haha.

Breakfast the next morning was at Bourke Street Bakery. I went to the one in Barangaroo as that was the nearest store to where I was put up and to get to work. I read that the bakery is famous for its pies and sausage rolls so I ordered a beef beer bacon and potato pie. I've not been to their other stores but this one in Barangaroo is quite small and not one that you feel like you could stay and slowly savour your food. I guess Barangaroo is a business complex after all.

The training schedule didn't allow a long lunch break so I went for quick Ipoh hor fun at Ipoh Town again before hurried back for second half of lesson.

I visited an old friend on Monday night and dinner was nearby Thai restaurant. The dishes were really forgettable and I didn't even take any photos.

Breakfast on a Tuesday morning was definitely more exciting. I trekked to Ultimo to check out The Q on Harris. I had the City Buta Katsu Sandwich and a coffee, of course. Yum.

The Q on Harris is a family run cafe and they were from Pontianak, Indonesia. On my way out after paying, the young waiter recommended that I try their nasi kuning for breakfast next time. I was told that it is their local specialty. I said, "rice is probably too heavy for breakfast." To which, the boy answered, "but Malaysians eat nasi lemak for breakfast!" after he learned that I am a Malaysia. Haha. Ok, can. You are right. If I return and nasi kuning is still on menu for breakfast, I would order it.

I did, however, returned to Masuya Suisan again. I was delayed at work and by the time I rushed there, I was still late. My friend was a star and already placed orders for tempura, wagyu beef and sushi and they were perfect choice.

After that we went to a nearby Thai restaurant for dessert and continued chatting. I can't remember the restaurant but it was an odd one where they said they were not able to serve us our dessert choice unless we ordered something from the menu. We picked some desserts that were displayed on a decorative cart that was inside their shop. So we ended up ordering a serve of entree size fish cakes. We ate some but my friend packed the leftovers for me to have as breakfast and lunch the next day. There were a lot of food!

Dinner was back to Masuya again for some Sapporo hotpot (again!) plus the same usual suspects of karaage and sushi, this is why I am not a food blogger. Haha. It's amazing that I still take photos of (same) food every time I revisited.

Breakfast on the last day in Sydney was at another new place The Grounds of the City. The more famous sister restaurant is The Ground of Alexandria, so named as it is in the suburb of Alexandria.

I ordered a takeaway of Mediterranean Bowl which consisted of halloumi, cauliflower, chickpeas, sweet potato, houmous, herb pesto and a free-range egg. I can't see this on the dine in menu and eating in is more expensive. My takeaway breakfast definitely looked bashed by the time I got to the office so no photo of it.

I was put up at a different hotel this round - Meriton Suites Kent Street. It comes with a kitchenette and even a washing machine. The room felt a bit dated though and I wasn't too comfortable walking around barefooted like I usually do.

Side note: Got to find new eating joints to explore!

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