Hong Kong: Houses on stilts and drawbridge in Tai O

By Cubie - June 24, 2018

Tai O is home to a community of fisher folk on Lantau Island, making it a possible detour if the intention is to visit the Tian Tan Buddha. Contrary to most who are travelling to HK, my main reason to commute to Lantau Island was actually Tai O instead of Tian Tan Buddha. Reason being I have been to Tian Tan Buddha in the past albeit not via those flashy cable car. It was in S's list of places to visit, I have no qualm of re-visiting so we made our way to Tian Tan prior to Tai O.

Whilst I didn't expect Tai O to be totally serene, secluded and quiet, I was still surprised to see the crowd at this fishing town. I wonder if it would be quieter if we were there in the morning but it was after we have visited the Big Buddha. I guess everybody else shared the similar travel plan.

The houses on stilts, drawbridge and fishing village charms are still present, regardless of the busy human traffic in this little fishing town.

Our first stop was lunch, which was a bit more miss than hit but definitely very filling. Somehow I managed to find a spot in my tummy to fit in an egg waffle / eggette, whatever you call it. Yumm... though they are at least double the price here in Melbourne so I am exercising my very best restrain to curb my cravings.

After lunch, we basically just walked around. There is option of taking a boat trip if you want to. Once you are out of the main streets, the crowd was a bit more spread out.

Maybe all the food did get to my head because I can't understand why I didn't just buy this cha guo to eat later that I did not come across again.

and shame on the blurred photograph too :(
After making a round, we made our way back to the bus station. If you try want to take a scenic route back to HK Island, you can take bus #1 to Mui Wo (about 40 mins) followed by ferry back to Central. By taking this route there is an option to see some beaches, as well as Mui Wo or Silvermine Bay.

We took the faster route of bus #11 back to Tung Chung then transferred to MTR. The queue though was snaking long! The queue moved quite fast though, and I think they organised more buses as it was a public holiday. The queue for bus #11 moved faster compared to bus #1 and it reaffirmed our decision to just head back to Tung Chung.

Yup, that was the bus queue
On a sort of unrelated note, I find the foot pedal on the bins a great idea! I saw them in Tai O hence the sort of...

Side note: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

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  1. Perfect time to visit Tai O ... before the HKZM bridge opens and the sleepy village becomes one of Hong Kong's most accessible attractions for Chinese visitors!

    1. Ah! So that is the HKZM bridge that I keep on seeing when I was there. Googled and just realised that it is scheduled to open to traffic today!

    2. On the positive side ... Macau and its 400-year-old tradition of fusion cuisine will become even more accessible from HK!