Hong Kong: Hiking the Dragon's Back

By Cubie - July 01, 2018

There were only two things on my itinerary. First being Tai O and the other, a hike. I narrowed my choice of trail to Dragon's Back and Lion's Rock. Between the two, I prefer the Lion's Rock but I read that it is the more challenging one. As I don't have much faith in my stamina, this is where Dragon's Back trail comes in. I asked S if she is keen to do a hike, and which is her preference. I've not been to either so am happy with whichever one that she prefers. She chose Dragon's Back, so that was the trail we did.

Most people take a bus and start from Shek O Road, accesible either a bus or tax from Shau Kei Wan MTR and stop at the bus stop at To Tei Wan Village. I avoid taking buses if there are other options of public transport and found a blog mentioning that they start their hike from Chai Wan MTR (after a short walk to the start of the hike).

So instead of starting the usual 'trail start', we started closer to the MTR station. I think I prefer it this way though.

The description from the blog post is detailed and we definitely didn't get lost. The walk cuts through a cemetery and coincidentally our visit was really close to Qing Ming Festival (Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day). At any time that we thought that we were lost, we were promptly reassured by random passerby carrying flowers or offerings walking passed us.

I didn't take many photos here as it is a cemetery and we were there during Qing Ming Festival.

For a good part there were not many people, and we didn't start hiking really early either but definitely more people as we hit the actual trail. Once we reached the trail, not once we wondered if we walked off usual trail. It is a very popular trail and safe.

Side note: Here's to hoping all will be smooth sailing ^^

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