Hong Kong: Things to do in 4 days

By Cubie - May 08, 2018

After withdrawing some money from an ATM in the airport and sorted out my Octopus card (I forgot to return my card when I left HK more than a decade ago), I just need to top up and activate it, I was on my way to the hotel on bus A11, HK$40. There was an electronic board to indicate next stop and a stop bell above every seat. I was impressed.

View isn't shabby either ;)
This is grouped according to Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island and the other outer islands, in my case Lantau Island, followed by order of visit.

Kowloon Peninsula

1. Walk around Kowloon, Kowloon Park and Avenue of Comic Stars

We took the MTR to TST, walked till Mongkok MTR area then rounded back to East TST MTR side. Plenty to feast the eyes on and they are free.

I returned another night and walked even more. I walked so much that day that according to my phone tracker it even exceeded the number of steps when I hiked Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Didn't help that I kept on reading "Jordan Road" as "Nathan Road". -___-"

I laughed to myself when I saw this... maybe because I think this place is fictional. I mean I thought it is part of TV set, not found on street. You'll recognise this if you watch even HK police series. 
2. Victoria Harbour

The Avenue of Stars are closed for repair and improvement works for the time being. Expected completion time is end of this year but view where unobstructed is still mesmerizing.

If you feel like it, you could splurge on the Aqua Luna cruise, or just take the Star Ferry. I like the Star Ferry - historic, economical, functional, great view. What's not to like really but S wasn't impressed. Haha.

3. Harbour City
No photo on this one because it is essentially a shopping complex with expensive outlets. We had coffee at The Coffee Academ├»cs. Good coffee but at a very premium price. I paid HK$ 50 for an iced latte. To give you a better feel, this converts to ~ AUD 8.40 / USD 6.40 / MYR 25. Good coffee? Yes. Worth it? No.

4. LINE friends at Langham Place

Sally and Cony
The merchandises are so cute but also very pricey but I did leave with a couple of postcards.

I didn't know the Panda's name is Pangyo
I'm sure with bandaids this cute, it will make things better in no time! :P
Note: I have just found out that there is also a shop in Hysan Place in Causeway Bay (because I was being a cheapskate and did not have internet connection outside of the hotel), which is less than 10 minutes walk from Mini Hotel where we stayed. -___-"""

Hong Kong Island

1. Visit Victoria Peak (The Peak)
It was a rather last minute decision to go to the Peak, after dinner. S and I trekked up to the Peak Tram Station. There was a queue to the ticket counter but we were told we could use our Octopus card. We beat the queue, tapped our cards and got on the tram. Octopus card is a dangerous thing, because it is so convenient...

It was rather clear that night, so score!

2. Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple

Unlikely place to visit? S found this one and wanted to go, so we went. It was late evening on our visit and the place was under construction. So we didn't linger long.

3. Dragon's Back

4. Walk around Central 

Behind the scene of the photos you see online...
Wanted to also drop by Police Married Quarter (PMC) but for reason when my friend googled the opening hours, it showed that it only open its door at 2PM but as I was looking up the webpage to link this up, it said that the opening hours 7am to 11pm. Ah... shame.

Lantau Island

1. Ngong Ping 360 crystal cabin cable car to Tian Tan Buddha

2. Tai O Fishing Village

I'll write a bit more on Dragon's Back hike and the trip to Lantau Island in another post. One would likely do other things especially if it is their first time visit but that was what I did and didn't feel rush at all.

Side note: Still not good at waiting...

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