A long weekend in Hong Kong

By Cubie - May 06, 2018

It would appear that I have many annual leave days, which unfortunately I do not. Even more so after mandated annual leave over Christmas/New Year period. This year, however, I managed to take 3 days less days (compared to the year before) after my manager justified the need to work for those days. A work plan had to be tabled to the powers above and obtained approval. In spite of that, I still have pathetic annual leave days left. The longest public holidays stretch in Australia without additional annual leave are Good Friday/Easter Sunday and Christmas. So I took a plunge and booked myself a ticket to Hong Kong over the long weekend, giving me almost 4 full days in Hong Kong.

Why Hong Kong? It is near enough for a short trip, and as I have been to Hong Kong, albeit it was more than 10 years ago (where has the time gone?!), I won't feel that missed out if I don't do as much and would be contented with random walking about and eating. And, yes, I belong to the "I like HK" school. This is in spite of the busyness, everybody's in a rush, often commented to be not a friendly place. However, I don't think my friend shares my view. Haha.

It definitely wasn't the cheapest flight tickets I could find but it was the most time efficient one with reasonable price. I flew out on Good Friday (just passed midnight) and arrived at in the morning after a flight duration of 9+ hours. Departure from HK on Monday evening and turned up to work on time Tuesday morning. So I have almost 4 full days in HK. The flight tickets for this trip was bought before any plans was hatched for NZ really.

It was initially a solo trip but my friend decided to join me just before departure. By the time she got the tickets, the ones I bought were already sold out. She ended up flying a couple of days before me and went to Macau first.

We stayed in Mini Hotel Causeway Bay. Before my friend decided to come, I looked mostly at accommodations in Kowloon - near TST and Jordan MTR stations area. I found that Inn Spirit has good review and in TST but it was already booked out on the dates that I want. The room was clean, not sure if the fan works noting of the short wings but it was also equipped with air-con. It's off the busy end of Causeway Bay shopping area, but near enough to Causeway Bay MTR.

My side of bed because S checked in the night before
TV on S's side of wall, so if she sits on her bed, she'll have to watch TV reflected on the mirror
Bathroom, snug but not too small, though if you are tall, it could difficult to close the door when you sit on the toilet bowl (you'll have to move your legs to the side)

Side note: I stayed in HK island all 3 times of my visit to the country. 

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