New Zealand: Food in Rotorua

By Cubie - February 08, 2018

Little P's hot chocolate
As I was looking through the photo and about to write this post, I just realised that aside from the Hāngi feast, our other food options were non New Zealand origin.

First up, French influenced Le Cafe de Paris. We stumbled on this one when we were really hungry, travelling from Rotorua and not many shops were open on a Boxing Day. The food luck was on our side though, because these were good.

I wanted the La fermière initially, which was smoked chicken, aioli, camembert but as I made my option known to my friend, the owner heard me and replied that it was not available. So I went with La marine (smoked salmon, sour cream, chives) instead, NZD 13.90.

MMC wanted to share a muffin, guess which one she picked? Ha - salted caramel because caramel. If I was the one who suggested it, I would've gone with lemon curd.

Dinner on day 2 was our first choice prior to eating at Le Cafe de Paris, a Spanish/Mexico/Morocco cafe bar - Abracadabra Cafe Bar. If you only have one meal quota to Rotorua, go with this one.

This was New Zealand Fire Dragon chilli hot chocolat, NZD 7 and it did have a kick
Y's Spicy lamb salad, NZD 22
Little P's tapas option #1 of spicy prawns, NZD 11.50
Tapas #2 was chicken enchilada bites, NZD 13 (not in picture)
MMC and I shared the Moroccan seafood tagine, NZD 28
We also shared a bar platter which consisted of calamari, prawns, falafels, sirloin beef kebab, lamb sausages, chicken strips and chips, served with tomato jam and garlic aioli, NZD 32 
Another of our lunch was at an Italian restaurant near Eat Streat, that was forgetable. In fact, the food that we ordered did not arrived even after a 40 minutes wait. We wanted to cancel the order as we needed to make a move to be in time for our next appointment but was told that we cannot cancel as they were already preparing it. So we asked for a takeaway and made a dash out of the door.

Side note: How long does it take to build a habit?

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  1. Looks delicious all the food. Too bad, my friends and I spent a day in Rotorua itself, or else we can try more food in this town.

  2. May there be future holidays to Rotorua again for you :)