New Zealand: Kuirau Park, Lake Rotorua and Redwoods Treewalk

By Cubie - February 04, 2018

Rotorua is famous as the stronghold of Māori tradition, as well as strong sulphur-rich air. Rotorua is NZ's home to spurting geysers, steaming hot springs and bubbling mud pools. Naturally, that was what we did.

First up was the free Kuirau Park. Little P drove passed and we spotted smoke from afar and made a pit spot. According to the legend from 100% pure New Zealand website, the lake was named after a beautiful young woman named Kuiarau. She was bathing in the waters when a legendary creature (taniwha) dragged her to his lair under the waters. The gods above were angered and made the lake boil so taniwha would be destroyed forever. Since then, the lake was known by the name of the woman, albeit small change to the spelling.

It is said that there are also free thermal foot baths but we didn't come across any. We did, however, came across the most gorgeous brown border collie, Max.

He just made you want to give him a big cuddle.
Photos from Kuirau Park make it instantly a scene for horror movie. Like this... and they come with rotten egg smell too.

If smokes and rotten eggs smell are not your cup of tea, Lake Rotorua could be an option.

Or if you prefer something not watery, there is option of land activity - Redwoods Treewalk. We went after dinner on our second day. It is a walkway that spans across 553 m and consists of a series of 23 suspension bridges. There were information of the trees on the stations between bridges. We were told not to jump on the bridge and to only take photographs on the pit stop, not on the bridge. This activity is available during daytime as well as night time, or you can get a day and nightlights combo ticket.

Personally I think I might enjoy it better if we were there at day time. The lights at night were ok but I think I prefer clearer views of the tree. Ha.

Side note: So much to do, so little time while I only want to do nothing...

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