Sydney: ... and some walking

By Cubie - January 21, 2018

We did walked a bit around Sydney but in no way it offsets the food intake. Regardless it made it easier to create an illusion that we could possibly justify all the indulgence. Haha.

It was just another week to Christmas when I was in Sydney so naturally the Christmas decorations were up. Heck, the supermarkets have now started selling hot cross just as we crossed to January 2018 when Easter is not till end of March.

This is the token tree at Martin Place, in the past the decorations were very similar every year but this one varies a bit more. Then of course, next up is the swarovski crystals decorated Christmas tree in Queen Victoria Building (QVB). The tree stood at 24 metres and goes across the three floors in QVB building. MMC walked passed it on ground floor and thought it was a bell. Haha.

The tree, of course, was always being some barrier which I assume is to prevent some curious hands accidentally took some along the way. It stands at 24 metres over three floors and apparently is Sydney's tallest Christmas tree.

Next to the famous and I dare say pricey Christmas tree, there was a dome looking thingy but the entrance was blocked off. Not sure if it was because we were there after regular opening hours.

Even without the Christmas tree, QVB is an impressive building and worth a visit. The shops are expensive but one don't need to do any shopping.

We then made our way St Mary's Cathedral to see The Light of Christmas, a light and sound show.

The show went on for about 10-15 minutes and then repeats itself. It started at 7:30 pm and continue all the way till midnight. I'm pretty sure this is a yearly event as I remember being at St Mary Cathedral for a light show when I was living in Sydney.

On our third day, we spent time at DFO Homebush after our breakfast and till past midday. After our Thai dinner at Chat Thai, we walked north to Milsons Point via the Cahill Walk / Harbour Bridge Walk.

Being 'overachiever' (more like walk to feel less stuffed of food), we walked the whole of Harbour Bridge and continued towards Luna Park.

It is still free to enter Luna Park Sydney (but the one in Melbourne is charging $2 now). Separate charges for rides. After walking around and stood around watching people screaming, we left. We were defeated and walked to Milsons Point train station. Haha. Not walking back.


In our very brief pockets of free time on day four, we walked to Broadway, cut through the Spice Alley and Chinatown.

We didn't eat at Spice Alley but the food options looked promising so next time when I am back in Sydney, I might make my way there to try it out.

Side note: Melbourne why are you  so hot lately? :|

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