Western Europe: Germany - Titisee and Schluchsee

By Cubie - September 07, 2017

By the time I finalised the date I was going to be in Freiburg, the accommodations that were still available were out of my budget. I could opt to stay in a hostel which is a bit further away, or stay in another town which is still in the way of my commute. One could use a KONUS card to travel to Freiburg but Freiburg itself isn't in the list of offering the KONUS card.

I was going to make a reservation in Breisach which would be the last stop before getting to Colmar. Then I found a place on Airbnb in Freiburg within a couple of minutes walking distance from the train station. It turned out to be cheaper even if I pay for transport. I bought a day pass for €12. I didn't realise prior but it was a public holiday (Corpus Christi) in Baden-W├╝rttemberg when I stayed in Freiburg and my host decided to have a little trip herself, so I had the whole place to myself.

As day trip options from Freiburg, Christel from Schwarzwald Villa recommended Schluchsee over Titisee; however a couple from Malta I met over breakfast in Schwarzwald Villa much preferred Titisee. I was indecisive, so I went both. Haha.

Titisee, hands down, is the most touristy place in Germany that I went. It doesn't even require any sign, just follow any random person and ta-da, you would arrive at the lake. On the way to the lake, souvenir shops lined both sides of the road.

Titisee is a lake in the southern Black Forest, it is ringed by the Black Forest,  it is beautiful, so I understand why it is popular. In addition to that, the entrepreneurs made good business of including in paddle boats or rowing boats activities.

One thing that I really love watching are doggies enjoying the water! Looked so happy.

I bought a bretzel before getting on the train to Titisee so I found myself a spot under the shade (very important) and munched on my lunch. I left for Schluchsee not long after that.

The train passed through the Black Forest and I really like the train route at this stretch of the track.

Schluchsee isn't far from Titisee, it is Black Forest's largest lake, also rimmed by the forest. As it is larger it feels less crowded and lesser rowing boats activities. I walked around the lake for a bit before calling it a day.

I supposed as a tourist one would probably enjoy Titisee a bit better with the ever ready paddle boats as activities but Schluchsee is quieter... I prefer the forest.. haha.

That was my last day in Germany.

Side note: Have you crave for a certain food but tried to eat something else (probably trying to make a healthier choice) but ended up eating maybe 3 other items and still eat the first food you crave for? Haha. 

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