Western Europe: Germany - the sunniest city, Freiburg

By Cubie - September 05, 2017

I was a little annoyed with myself that morning over missing the train that would get me to Baden-Baden. Of course, I could take the next one, which I did but I missed the one thing I wanted to do in Baden-Baden, a guided tour in Casino Baden-Baden. I missed the last admission time and the next day I would move from Gengenbach to Freiburg, then commute to Baden-Baden seem to take up too much time. 

So no casino guided tour for me but a photo entrance to the building in lieu of it. I tried to walkabout Baden-Baden to walk off my sorrows, after all to get to the this area of Baden-Baden needed a bus transfer from the train station. 

The garden is nicely curated but there were also a lot of construction around. I was too hot, probably too grumpy I walked a little and decided to leave. Baden-Baden isn't my cup of tea. I took the next train out to Freiburg. Haha, it's funny because I thought Baden-Baden was too hot and I hopped on a train to the sunniest city in Germany. 

Freiburg is lined with bächle, little canal thingy with streaming water. The water is about ankle deep and kids tows little wooden boats behind them on a cord. Some people sits with their feet dipped into the bächle, maybe to cool down? 

Freiburg charges for a city map and I was cheapskate so I didn't get it. I don't think one will get lost in Freiburg though, as I didn't. Haha.

This is Freiburger Münster (Minster), Freiburg's most famous landmark from 11th century stood majestically in the central of market square. I think it was time to have another food with white asparagus, even better with this view. This was decent. 

The balance of the time I was walking down the streets, looking at different shops.

Saw this at one of the shops selling science stuff, pretty interesting. On sale including a t-shirt of a conversation between a square root (√) and (-1)
√: Why can't we be together
(-1): It's complex

The first scene on the left looks familiar but I can't remember from where... 
As it was an unintended day trip from Gengenbach, I returned back to Gengenbach for dinner but I did have dinner in Freiburg the next day. I have finally learnt from the risotto, did a quick search online and had my dinner at Légère. I ordered a traditionalle käsespätzle which is like Germany's version of mac and cheese with ham and bacon. It was hearty and good, though it did get very heavy towards the end, especially on such a hot day.

Side note: "Think like a proton and stay positive" :)

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  1. the street and the buildings are just wow I am planning for a family trip, as soon as I get our visas we will be travelling to Freiburg Germany to enjoy.