Sri Lanka: Train ride from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

By Cubie - November 19, 2016

I guess it is the same everywhere. Long weekend equates to getaway from the city. So we have coincidentally hopped on a the famous awesome train ride from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya on a long weekend. The consequences of it? I ended up on a different carriage as S, with my train ticket with her and stood for 4 hours all the way from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya.

Our action plan was going on the same carriage via different doors. S to go up the front door, and me the other but there were so many people that it ended up we were totally in different carriages. S kept the ticket, so I was pretty much ticket-less. The ticket inspector did come to check the tickets but once I explained that it was with my friend, they just let it be and did not even ask me to pay for another ticket. We were in the non reserved second class carriage and paid LKR 165 / ~USD 1.20 / ~AUD 1.60.

All the stories you read about sitting by the door? I'm sure everybody wants to hog that elusive seat because I never had a chance to sit by the door. There were forever someone there, not budging from the door.

Nuwara Eliya, pronounced something as "Nyur-rel-iya" is also known as Sri Lanka's "Little England". Nuwara Eliya was established in the 19th century by the British was a cold change from every other towns in Sri Lanka we have been. Well, after all, it is Sri Lanka's highest town. It was also said to be one of the foggiest town.

Our initial plan was to take the train to Hatton, then bus to Dalhousie and eventually climb up Adam's Peak. We changed our plans last minute, so our train ride was all the way to Nanu Oya instead. Nanu Oya railway station is just outside Nuwara Eliya, so of course the nearest to this town.

Just a shame that it was quite a feat to grab the camera out, balance oneself and not to be in anyone's way so the photos taken from the train was on my ancient iPhone4.

To be honest, most of my view was this due to lack of standing space in the train.

Side note: ~yawn

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