Sri Lanka: Other things to do in Kandy

By Cubie - November 14, 2016

Actually we really didn't do much of any other thing in Kandy, except eating and the previous post was getting long, plus it feels strange to me to put in some food pics when I was obviously talking about the Tooth Relic Temple.

Rough Guide redeemed itself in the food recommendation side of things as we absolutely enjoyed our meal at Sri Ram. It is a South Indian restaurant so we ordered a thali. We ordered fish curry and being glutton, I finished everything that was served, including the rice - LKR 690 / ~AUD 6 / ~USD 4.70 pp. We ordered the same thali.

We also wanted to finish the meal with tea but we were told they ran out of milk, so no tea? Not sure about that but we just went across the road and had a cake with coffee. Lol.

I thought this look pretty and I'm nuts about nuts.

We ended up sharing this instead, as it was a probably smarter choice in terms of sweetness. It was a ginger cake. We asked the waitstaff to recommend the less sweet cakes and this was one of the option, the other being a banana cake.

Then we walked off the cake and big lunch with around the lake.

Side note: [-o<

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