Central Asia: Uzbekistan - Uhum Bazaar and getting to Samarkand

By Cubie - January 31, 2016

After breakfast, we were off to Uhum Market and then road trip to Samarkand. Breakfast in Uzbekistan is luxurious affair, always combination of hot and food - crepe, cookies, fruits, cheese, bread...

It was time to bid goodbye to Asraf Village and was really surprised that everybody came to send us off. Lol.. hehe.. we were wrong, what we didn't know was that Raxmat was assigned to send us to Uhum Bazaar then all the way to Samarkand. After the drama with the driver who picked us from Bukhara, they swapped with Raxmat to send us to Samarkand. So technically the family was probably sending Raxmat off, more than us. Haha.. ok, maybe us too (Grin, console ourselves... haha). It was actually us being clueless because we did see Raxmat's wife getting him a bread and water. He actually put the bread in the car's glove compartmen... haha..

Uhum is the biggest villages around Nuratau northern slopes. There's a bazaar every Sunday early morning, probably around 7-10am on the outskirts of Uhum. By the time we got there, most stalls have already packed up. We did see some selling clothes or plastic wares though. So we were there for a very short while only.

Then we were off to Samarkand, after a short detour to Forish to pay Responsible Travel.

Then we saw this...

Raxmat was excellent, he dropped us right at the B&B, even waited till we checked in before he left.

Side note: Craving for some potato curry!

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