Central Asia: Uzbekistan - Things to See/Do in Khiva Part 2

By Cubie - January 11, 2016

1. Best B&B breakfast spread
Our favourite breakfast spread was in Khiva. The ones below are default spread, on top of it we get some hot dishes like fried eggs and crepes. See the biscuit in the middle? The one in semi-circle shape? That was delish but unfortunately we can't find it elsewhere other than Khiva. We bought a bag from supermarket in Khiva and couldn't stop snacking on it.

2. Traditional dishes of the Khorezmian
The two traditional dishes found widely in Khiva are shuvit oshi and tukhum barak. Shuvit oshi is basically noodles infused with dill served with fried diced meat cooked with onions, potatoes and tomatoes. This is yumm.

Different story with tukhum barak though. I am bias towards dumplings but not this one though. Tukhum barak is dumpling with egg filling.

We also like this deep fried dumpling with meat filling - gumma.

... and Khorezm version of plov with yellow carrot and white rice. 

3. Sunset
Not to be missed - sunset in Khiva, either from the watchtower or along the wall (climbed up near north gate). Photos stolen from sis :P

Side note: I need another long weekend... stat!

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