Ph(f)oto Friday: Blood Moon

By Cubie - May 08, 2015

I'm running on some delayed time at the moment. I think I'm turning into a bear - all I want to do is sleep. Ok, maybe some strange bear that wakes up for food. So eat and sleep.

Anyway, back to the blood moon. I took this photo on 4th of April and I don't have some kick arse camera, hence that's the best I can get. I cropped the photo so the moon looks bigger, otherwise no other edit.

Side note: Time to go zz again.

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  1. You took it? o.0 What camera did you use? Beautiful shot!

    1. Thank you ^^
      I'm using a very entry level Nikon D3200 with a 55-200 mm lens. I think if my neighbours saw us (sis and I) they would think we are crazy. We were standing at the open air car space area, trying to stabilize ourselves using the wall and at the same time avoiding the motion sensing lights...