Ph(f)oto Friday: The $100 hair pin

By Cubie - May 22, 2015

Two weeks ago as I was doing my laundry round like usual, the washer emitted some irregular sound and I realised the water was not drained out during the rinsing cycle. Um... not good. I'm not thrilled in hand washing my laundry, especially not in winter when most clothing are jumpers, hoodies, etc not to mention the cold water.

Long story short, I did have to hand wash one round of laundry and managed to get a mechanic in to look at my washer the week after. Turns out the culprit was the hair pin above, and yes this hair pin cost me $100. The irony was it has been ages since I used one of these pins. I used to when I bun my hair up but it definitely has been awhile since I last put my hair up in a bun.

So there - remember to check the pockets for foreign objects before putting them in the washer!

Side note: I so need a holiday!

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  1. Hair is a pain. It clogs up drains, too. Let's go skinhead. :)

    PS: Hello! Guess who's popped in after a million years to catch up!

    1. hahaha..ooh.. skinhead will save on those shampoos too eh.

      PS: Wave wave!